Hotel Eden is partially located in the building which was the former home of Isaac Jakubowicz, the founder of the Isaac Synagogue and hero of one of the well-known Hasidic legends.
Isaac Jakubowicz was a Jewish merchant in the Krakow of the 1600s. He was poor and worked very hard to maintain his family. He was also a sincere believer and devoted to G-d.
One night he dreamt that a large treasure was hidden under the old bridge in Prague. He saw this as divine providence. Without delay, he journeyed to Prague. On arrival, it turned out that the bridge was guarded by a group of soldiers and digging was not permitted. When one of the soldiers approached him, Isaac decided to tell him about his dream and offered him a half share of the treasure.
The officer laughed at him, "Only a fool like you can possibly believe in dreams. For several nights now I have been dreaming that in the Jewish town of Kazimierz there is hidden treasure in the oven of the home of the poor Jew, Isaac Jakubowicz. Do you think I am so stupid as to go all the way to Krakow and look for the house of this Isaac, the son of Jacob? After all, every other Jew's name is Isaac, and every third Jew is called Jacob! "
Isaac returned home immediately. He took the oven apart, found the treasure and became rich.
The year was 1664. In gratitude he founded the beautiful Baroque-style synagogue that today bears his name. After this it was said:
"There are some things which you can look for the world over, only to find them in your own home. Before you can realise this, however, you very often have to go on a long journey and search far and wide."


Pesach, one of the major holidays in the Jewish tradition starts on the 15th day of the Hebrew month of Nissan (usually in April) and lasts for seven days.This year Pesach starts on April 3rd.

Pesach is celebrated to commemorate the exodus from Egypt, one of the main stories in the history of the Jewish people and in Western culture. When the Israelites hurriedly left Egypt the dough they had prepared had no time to rise so they baked it into matzah -unleavened bread. That’s why one of the important customs of this holiday is refraining from eating leaven - baked goods or prepared food containing flour. 

Therefore this week we offer to all our guests the only chance to try traditional Pesach matzah – unleavened bread made of plain flour and water. You can eat it plain or with cream cheese and salmon or with butter, jam or honey. Top it up your way!