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In the Jewish culture and tradition the mikveh is a ritual bath used by both women and men for the purpose of spiritual cleansing, that is, in order to achieve ritual purity. It is a container, usually a pool, in which “natural” water is collected – for example, water from rivers, underground springs and rainwater.

Opening hours:
6:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Prior booking is required for female guests due to the need to change the water.

Price list:
men: 50,- PLN / person
women: 80,- PLN / person

The fee is paid at the reception desk before using the mikveh. The price includes a towel, as well as bath products.

The mikveh was designed by Rabbi Meir Posen.
The mikveh is overseen by Rabbi Eliezer Gurary, telephone no. 669 997 992.